GUCCI Champion Hoodie with Rose Embroidery - Grey

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Limited GUCCI Champion hoodie is one of our limited editions item here in the streetwear online shop. It is custom embroidered with roses and the typical Champion brand logo on the left sleeve. The GUCCI Champion hoodie is the absolute statement piece for men and women for all seasons. If you want to be dressed cool and with style, the GUCCI Champion hoodie is alway the best choice when it comes to casual clothes.

Why the GUCCI Champion hoodie became famous?

The australien fashion designer Ava Nirui created the wonderful, casual GUCCI Champion hoodie in 2015. Since that day, the GUCCI Champion hoodie with the beautiful rose embroidery is one of the hottest fashion pieces for young and hip trendsetters - worldwide. So this piece of urban outerwear became a style icon for people around the planet. 

But what is the reason the GUCCI Champion hoodie is a must-have in your wardrobe? Fun factor and humor. Just do not take fashion brands so seriously - that´s Ava Nirui motto and design strategy. Not only with the GUCCI Champion hoodie, but with all creations she mixes styles, patterns and colors new. She's creating a completely new statement by combining high quality ready to wear fashion by famous brands logos with all days clothes. So Ava takes the haute-couture culture to a new level. That´s why the GUCCI Champion hoodie is a Zeitgeist item with with a wink. 
And today, Ava is not idle. If you want to be informed about her latest fashion collaborations, add her on instagram

But nevertheless the GUCCI Champion hoodie never goes out of fashion, and to confirm that, the GUCCI Champion hoodie ist still one of our bestseller here in the shop. 

GUCCI Champion hoodie details

  • Custom floral and text embroidery 
  • Embroidered logo on chest and arm
  • Drawstring on hoodie with silver eyelids
  • Soft interior 
  • Made to order custom embroidery done by hand & very limited stock
  • Note: These are Champion® Hoodies altered with custom embroidery done by hand. These are not manufactured by Gucci.